General Knowledge
For Classes 1 to 8

About the Series

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE UPDATE is a learner friendly, well graded series of eight books for classes 1 to 8. 

The main features of this series are as follow:
Each book of the series consists of the following topics – Plants and Animals, Our India, Language and Literature, Science and Technology, Life Skills, General Awareness, Value Education, Health and Fitness, Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Enviroment.
Formative and Summative Assessmentsbased on CCE Scheme.
Value Based Questions and Problem Solving Assessments (based on CCE Scheme) included in the series, help learners move towards a holistic development.
The text has a powerful visual appeal and is profusely illustrated with suitable pictures, multi-coloured photographs, tables,attractive catoons and board games.
Do you know ? entries throughout the book highlight astonishing facts.
Answers are provided at the end of each book.
The language used in this series is lucid and simple.
A child friendly approach has been followed.

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