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Cordova Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Our Vision

Education for everyone, our mission

Striving for excellence, our passion

Cordova publications is an online self-tutor for K-12 that provides well-animated learning resources using the fun-way method. It consists of visuals-based, self-explanatory modules with interactive animations, videos, live experiments, simulations, joyful exercises, live test papers and solutions that are highly engaging for the learners.
Cordova has been the first indigenous company to define, design and deliver smart class-supported textbooks with online teachers’ resource pack for CBSE, ICSE and State Board schools. Cordova, today, has touched more than 15 million learners and educators across the globe. It has emerged as the leading educational company, providing educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services to teachers and students of all ages.

Our Innovative Ventures

Cordova Publications

In today’s publishing world, Cordova is ranked as one of the leading academic books publishers of India. The first indigenous company to define, design and deliver technology supported textbooks with web based support, for indigenous schools, Cordova Publications..

Cordova Smart Class Software

Cordova Smart School makes it possible to enjoy while you learn. To address the future of today’s schools, Cordova Publications has created a new learning solutions, Cordova Smart School, that provides a complete and comprehensive package to facilitate learning by ..

Demo for Smart Class

The Brave Little Puppy (English)

The Monkey And His Tail (English)

Ranga Syar (Hindi)

Indus Valley Civilisation (Social Studies)
The Cordova Today

Sound knowledge of the current affairs of the world around us exposes ourselves to more ideas, thoughts, problems and their solutions. In this fast moving world, the general knowledge update on occurrences of events in diverse fields,understanding of famous and vital personalities ...

New Arrivals